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Living the Olimpics

admin - 25/08/2012

It doesn’t happen everyday to be in an Olympic City during the celebration of the  Games. I was lucky to be there on the day of the closing ceremony. I couldn’t go into the stadium area but at least I could feel the Olympic spirit in the surroundings.

We were able to meet and see some the participants and even more I could touch a Gold Medal thanks to Andrew Triggs Hodge who gently let a lot of people hang it in their hands, an unforgetable experience.

Finally we enjoyed the Basketball final between Spain & USA with some Americans, it was funny to see them surprised to find Gasol playing with Spain, “What is he doing with Spain, he plays in Lakers!!!”. We couldn’t win but it was equal score until the end, a great match.

I hope to have the chance again to enjoy the Olympics, next time supporting the spaniards in the Stadium.


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