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admin - 16/10/2013


Studying computer Engineering and working all my life with computers has led me to have several hardware related issues with different devices, and deal with different companies and retailers to solve them.

Last year I bought in UK a Lenovo Twist convertible laptop just before Christmas, I have been happy all this time with the general performance of the computer, apart from the fact that the battery last fewer hours than the 7 announced in the web, I can get between 3 and 4 with regular use.

Well, last Wednesday I arrived home and tried to turn the computer on, but it didn’t respond, it was completely dead, it didn’t even turn on the charging led. I did a quick search in the Lenovo forums and found some people with the same issue that manage to solve this by doing a kind of reset of the battery, but after several tries it didn’t work.

On the next day (Thursday) I call the Lenovo service, gave the details of my computer, after explaining the problem and following the instructions to try to repair it on my own it was still a brick. So he scheduled an appointment for the next day (Friday), to send me a engineer.

Friday arrived and the engineer came to my working location, I though that he would see the problem find it had no way to solve it, and that he would take it to repair it with new parts at a lab where he would have the necessary replacements. But after he saw that the problem was a hardware issue, he came up with a seal box out of his bag, and there it was a brand new motherboard with the same configuration of mine, a core i7 processor and GB of ram. He proceed with the operation like a surgeon, replaced the motherboard for the new one and turn on the computer, It’s Alive!!!! The computer booted with the installation as if nothing had happened. The engineer left, and my computer was repaired.

On Thursday I was pretty unhappy with Lenovo for the sudden death of my computer and not expecting to buy none of their products in the future. But after having the experience of the support service, resolving my issue in 24 hours on site, without moving to a shop or sending the computer, with an expert that brought the solution in case he needed, I have to say that is the best warranty service I’ve ever seen. Now I can highly recommend a Lenovo product to anyone who’s looking to buy one.


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