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Aparición en 7TV Región de Murcia

admin - 30/06/2015

Explico algunos de los proyectos y dispositivos en los que estamos trabajando en la Televisión 7TV de Murcia:
  • Google Glass
  • Oculus Rift
  • SmartWatches
  • Epson Moverio

Google IO 2015

admin - 06/06/2015

Droiders was present again this year at IO15  and I was lucky to get a ticket .

I was really nice to visit San Francisco again, it’s crazy that 5 yeats have gone since I visit it for the first time. And luckily I was able to see the complete structure of the Golden Gate.

I could meet again old friends from Libano and Spain

IMG_20150524_161400s IMG_20150524_131121s IMG_20150525_140720s

And meet new ones that want to play all day


I could visit Mountain View, and see the main Google buildings, the Android Garden and other cool stuff like the Street View Car, and the Self-Driving Car

IMG_20150526_152235s PANO_20150526_153831s IMG_20150526_153558s

Finally the IO starts and I had to  do the queue to get access to the keynote, but they gave us Donuts and more staff for breakfast so it was nice.

IMG_20150528_055617s IMG_20150528_063531s

And the keynote begins, and amazing experience:


I met new interesting people like Allen Firstenberg or until then virtual friends like Cecilia Abadie. I also had a little time to play around with new toys, enjoy the after hours party at and assist some talks about what technology brings us in the future

IMG_20150528_131714s IMG_20150528_203532s gplus311903640s

IMG_20150528_124136s IMG_20150528_171353s IMG_20150529_094212s

Hope to repeat again next year

MWC Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona

admin - 10/04/2015

I had an interview with Spanish Radio RTVE and also in Computer Magazine Computer Hoy.

A couple of 360 and tiny world photos from MWC 15

15 - 1s

This year in Droiders we had a nice stand in MWC.


A great experience my first time in MWC. A lot of big companies and announcements like the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and a lot of wearables all around. I even had time to meet interesting people like Michael Fisher and Jaime Rivera from

I hope to come again next year


Masai Tribe Google Glass, Go Pro & Canon EOS

admin - 01/10/2014

I visited a Masai tribe in Tanzania and record some video with Google Glass and a Go Pro camera, also and took some photos.
One of the members was courius for the glasses and I let him and one of his wifes try Google Glass, he really liked it.


Karts Google Glass vs Go Pro #throughglass

admin - 10/09/2014

So I went karting and this is the result. First part of Go Pro vs Google Glass, Go Pro main video and Glass top right. it is not fair in terms of video stabilization the Go Pro seems to suffer a lot of movement due to the strap I was using to put it on my shoulder:

Second part of Go Pro vs Google Glass, Glass in main video and Go Pro top right. it is not fair in terms of video stabilization the Go Pro seems to suffer a lot of movement due to the strap I was using to put it on my shoulder:

Traductor Google

Alicante, Spain

"There is no spoon"

The Matrix