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OK Google: La era de los asistentes

admin - 26/01/2018

Todos hemos usado alguna vez el famoso ‘Ok, google’, pero, ¿Hasta donde podemos llevar a los asistentes personales? ¿Que pueden hacer por nosotros en nuestro día a día? ¿Cuál es el pasado, presente y futuro de estos dispositivos? Además de responder a estas y otras preguntas podremos ver funcionar en directo algunos dispositivos como el Google Home😱 o el Amazon Echo Dot😱 y cómo interactúan con otros aparatos del hogar 💡 💻Por último veremos como programar nuestros propias funciones con 🔥firebase para usarlas desde Google Assistant y como crear nuestro propio Google home con el Google Voice AIY Kit.

Aparición en 7TV Región de Murcia

admin - 30/06/2015

Explico algunos de los proyectos y dispositivos en los que estamos trabajando en la Televisión 7TV de Murcia:
  • Google Glass
  • Oculus Rift
  • SmartWatches
  • Epson Moverio

Google IO 2015

admin - 06/06/2015

Droiders was present again this year at IO15  and I was lucky to get a ticket .

I was really nice to visit San Francisco again, it’s crazy that 5 yeats have gone since I visit it for the first time. And luckily I was able to see the complete structure of the Golden Gate.

I could meet again old friends from Libano and Spain

IMG_20150524_161400s IMG_20150524_131121s IMG_20150525_140720s

And meet new ones that want to play all day


I could visit Mountain View, and see the main Google buildings, the Android Garden and other cool stuff like the Street View Car, and the Self-Driving Car

IMG_20150526_152235s PANO_20150526_153831s IMG_20150526_153558s

Finally the IO starts and I had to  do the queue to get access to the keynote, but they gave us Donuts and more staff for breakfast so it was nice.

IMG_20150528_055617s IMG_20150528_063531s

And the keynote begins, and amazing experience:


I met new interesting people like Allen Firstenberg or until then virtual friends like Cecilia Abadie. I also had a little time to play around with new toys, enjoy the after hours party at and assist some talks about what technology brings us in the future

IMG_20150528_131714s IMG_20150528_203532s gplus311903640s

IMG_20150528_124136s IMG_20150528_171353s IMG_20150529_094212s

Hope to repeat again next year

MWC Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona

admin - 10/04/2015

I had an interview with Spanish Radio RTVE and also in Computer Magazine Computer Hoy.

A couple of 360 and tiny world photos from MWC 15

15 - 1s

This year in Droiders we had a nice stand in MWC.


A great experience my first time in MWC. A lot of big companies and announcements like the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and a lot of wearables all around. I even had time to meet interesting people like Michael Fisher and Jaime Rivera from

I hope to come again next year


Masai Tribe Google Glass, Go Pro & Canon EOS

admin - 01/10/2014

I visited a Masai tribe in Tanzania and record some video with Google Glass and a Go Pro camera, also and took some photos.
One of the members was courius for the glasses and I let him and one of his wifes try Google Glass, he really liked it.


Traductor Google

Alicante, Spain

"There is no spoon"

The Matrix